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Rebuilt Title Cars for Sale in West Palm Beach

Today’s automotive industry is quite different than what it was even just a year ago. Insurance companies are totaling vehicles that really should not be totaled. Therefore, buying a used car with a rebuilt title from a reputable car dealership is not dangerous in any way. All rebuilt title vehicles come with a 3-year dealer warranty on the bodywork and a 45-day dealer warranty on the powertrain.

Buying a Rebuilt Title Vehicle Saves You Money!

Rebuilt title vehicles will actually save a customer a substantial amount of money when purchasing the vehicle because most dealers will bring down the suggested retail price by thousands of dollars for a perfectly stable preowned car that has a rebuilt title.

Find Quality Used Rebuilt Title Cars at American Auto

At American Auto Sales Group in Royal Palm Beach, we offer both clean title and rebuilt title cars for sale. Any car we purchase to sell to our customers is a well-structured vehicle with a reliable history or we would not put it for sale on our lot.

If you are in search of a used car for sale with a rebuilt title in South Florida so you can save money, take a few minutes to look over some of the rebuilt inventory we have listed for sale on our website.

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